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The Legend of Situ Bagendit
Once upon a time, far away in an isolated village there was a young rich woman. The house that she had been living in was very big. Her wealth was plentiful. The young woman lived by herself. She didn’t have any friend at all.
“Wouw, I am very rich! Ha…ha…ha, I am the richest woman in this village!” said the young woman while she was looking at her gold and jewelries. It was so pity, that the young woman was very miserly. Her plentiful wealth never been used to help others.
“All of the wealth is mine, isn’t it? So what am I give it all to other for?” The young woman thought. However, many of villagers were poor. They lived in less condition. Sometimes some villagers were in hunger, and didn’t get any food for days.
Because of the young woman was very miserly, the villagers called her Bagenda Endit. Bagenda Endit meant the miserly rich person. “Bagenda Endit, have mercy on me! My child has not eaten for few days”, said an old woman sadly.
“Hi, you crazy old woman…

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